Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is a vape?

In a nutshell, a vape is an electronic device ranging in size from the size of a pen to a large cigar which heats oil, e-juice or dry herbs until a vapour is produced which is then inhaled like a cigarette.

Are vapes safer than cigarettes?

A recent study performed on the level of selected carcinogens and toxicants in vapour compared to electronic cigarettes found that e-cigarette vapour contains between 9 and 450 times fewer toxicants than traditional cigarette smoke. Another study compared the levels of indoor air quality from smoking versus vaping. This revealed “no significant risk” of harm to human health produced from the vapour from e-cigarettes.

What is TPD and the 2ml capacity?

TPD stands for the Tobacco Products Directive which is an EU tobacco regulation covering electronic cigarettes. It came into force in the last few years and has a few impacts on vaping:

  • The capacity of a vape tank must not exceed 2ml
  • E-liquid bottles must not exceed 10ml if they contain nicotine
  • The strength of nicotine in an e-liquid cannot exceed 20mg

All nicotine containing e-liquids must be tested by a toxicology and emissions testing centre and approved for sale by the MHRA – A government body that oversees health products.

How much will vaping cost me?

To get started with a basic kit it costs very little. At Vape Suite you can get a starter kit from just £14.99 which even includes three 10ml liquids to get you started. You’ll see many vapers online spending a lot more than that, but many vapers are perfectly happy with more basic equipment. In any case, make sure that vaping is for you before splurging on anything expensive!

Will my e-cigarette battery blow up?

Poorly made and unregulated vape batteries have been known to catch fire and explode in a very small number of cases. You can rest assured that any battery bought from Vape Suite is sourced from a reputable supplier who sells products which have been deemed safe for sale in the United Kingdom.

What strength e-liquid do I need?

This will depend on how many and what type of cigarette you have smoked in the past, as well as what type of vape you are using. For a light to moderate smoker (That’s ½ pack of full flavour or 1 pack of light cigarettes per day) 6mg of nicotine is a good starter. If you are using a mod with a tank that uses sub-ohm coils, 3mg will be effective and for a heavy smoker (Which is a pack of full flavour or more per day) you might want to use 12mg or 6mg for a sub-ohm device. To quit a nicotine addiction, you can gradually decrease the amount of nicotine over time.

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