Our top tips for battery safety

How to avoid common vaping mistakes
How to avoid common vaping mistakes
June 1, 2018

Our top tips for battery safety

Our top tips for battery safety

Using the right charger
As with many electrical items, the number one cause of problems with electronic cigarettes is using the wrong charger. It is important to only use the charger that was supplied with your kit or to use one recommended by your supplier. You should always keep your battery charger where you can keep your eye on it and remember to not leave your batteries on charge for long periods overnight.

Buy from a reputable supplier
Some very unsafe e-cigarette batteries are brought into the United Kingdom and are sold on markets and online. This is inevitable, but batteries and chargers are not something you want to skimp on. Only official, original batteries feature overcharge and overdischarge protection, have full ROHS certification and have completed battery testing. If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Storing your batteries
One thing which all batteries dislike is extreme temperatures – particularly extreme heat. This can lead to the resin in batteries melting and deforming, leading to electrolyte leakage and ultimately explosion. The easiest ways to avoid this are to stop storing your e-cig battery next to a radiators, boiler or in direct sunlight. Less obviously, don’t leave batteries in your car and always keep your batteries in the plastic cases when not in use.

Avoid contact with water
While your smartphone might be able to take a swim, your vape kit battery can’t! If your battery falls into water, you must stop using it right away and either return it to the supplier or take it to a recycling centre to dispose of the damaged battery correctly.

 Damaged batteries
The same goes for damaged batteries – it’s just not worth the risk! Search for your local hazardous waste disposal service near you if you are unsure.

Clean your battery
The fire service actually recommend that you clean your e-cigarette battery at least once a week. If you can’t manage cleaning that often, please do check your battery every now and again to check if any dirt has accumulated on your connections and use an alcohol wipe, cotton bud or tissue to gently clean off any gunk.

Travelling with your battery
Many airlines have dedicated policies for travelling with battieres which require you to place your them in your cabin luggage. T often goes without saying, but please make sure your e-cigarette is turned off before storing it. If your device has a removable battery, most airlines recommend to keep the battery installed in your device before being checked into hold luggage with some airlines recommending you tape over contact points with insulation tape.

When travelling abroad
As the voltage supplied by power networks varies from country to country, charging your e-cigarette can prove tricky when travelling abroad. The best option for charging is to keep using the charger and plug recommended by your supplier but with a adaptor for the country you are visiting. This would ideally also have surge protection but it is not always practical to carry around a surge protector. Even easier, if your device supports charging over USB, use USB sockets where provided as this is an international standard.

Should you have any questions about e-cigarette battery safety, call us on 01484 316322 today.

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