Vape Tanks

A vape tank, sometimes known as a clearomizer, is the container for your eliquid and coil. Your vape mod powers the coil, the coil heats up your eliquid to make the vapour. You then draw the vapour through the tank, inhaling the vapour. Some tanks are designed to optimise vapor release, some are intended to be simple to use, whilst others are specifically designed for optimum flavour.

There are two main categories of vape tanks; Sub-Ohm and Plus-Ohm. Sub ohm tanks produce more vapour, flavour and are generally intended for experienced users. Plus ohm tanks offer a far more discreet experience, for new users and people converting to vaping from traditional smoking products.

Vape Suite stock a huge range of both type of tanks from trusted brands such as Aspire, IJoy, Innokin and Joyetech.

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