Nic Salts

Nicotine salt

5 main benefits usually associated with switching from freebase nicotine to Nic Salts:

  • A more satisfying hit of nicotine — it’s pretty common for people who have just started vaping to find it doesn’t quite hit the spot or doesn’t feel fully satisfying. Research shows that Nic salts more effective at getting nicotine into your bloodstream. They also able to deliver a way higher concentration level of nicotine without it ruining the taste. 
  • A smoother hit —  lots of people get put off from vaping because of how harsh normal e-liquids. The way that nicotine salt liquids made makes them much, much smoother. 
  • More flavorful — the taste of conventional e-liquid greatly affected by the freebase nicotine within it. With Nic Salts, this avoided and you’re left with an untainted taste that’s richer and uncontaminated. 
  • More cost efficient — Nic Salts nicer to use with your simple basic vape pens.  great as it means you don’t need to shell out hundreds of dollars on a sub-ohm tank just for a nice hit. 
  • Increased shelf-life — freebase nicotine isn’t as stable as when it’s in salt form. This means you can keep your Nic Salts for longer without having to worry about the nicotine degrading. 

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